Wednesday, December 1, 2010

West and best only rhyme

This video is just to prove I do not hate all rap. 
I've actually probably listened to this song about 20 times today.


I'm going to be blunt. His new album sucks big time. 

everyone is sucking its dick because its "the best ever".
it's fucking annoying. There's maybe a couple good songs, but thats because of who else is on it with him.
I watched the entire album on his website, that movie he made with, that dumb bitch is a bird?
I feel like he just discovered Pink Floyd recently and wanted to "change hip hop"
This album isn't all that bad, i'd let it be toilet paper for my ass, least I can do.

p.s, nothing would make my life more complete then if he read this.

I wouldn't even think twice about posting a link or promoting this assholes new garbage on my blog eh,
so if you haven't heard it and want an opinion. YOUTUBE HAS EVERYTHING. 

Monday, November 29, 2010


1.-Woman's natural habitat. The kitchen. 

2. Getting Pregnant- They have a habit of doing this. 

3- Throwing up. Hold your own fucking hair, I can handle my sows(booze).

*I don't actually hate women, if this offends you, you're probably a feminist. In which case, I really hate you, get real. 

too little, too late


File photo by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer
Researchers led by Ronald A. DePinho (above), a Harvard Medical School professor of genetics, say their work shows for the first time a dramatic reversal of many aspects of age-related degeneration in mice, a milestone in aging science achieved by engineering mice with a controllable telomerase gene. The projection of chromosomes seen here shows telomeres (highlighted in red) on their ends.

Tuck Everlasting already perfected this, duh? 

(this is the entire article from the harvard gazette , I don't know why I read it)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Pretty self explanatory right?

back to back grey cups, get fucking real.

Not to many people give a shit about the CFL, but the montreal allouettes can actually fist the shit out of themselves. Ti-Cats are takin' it next year. I can feel it.

This is what your typical stupid fucking als fan looks like.

This is what you will see at the ti-cats game. 



SO, i was standing in the L.C last night, mike says "lets crush whiskey, it makes you sexy" 

I was blacked out by 7:30, woke up across town. 

this has nothing to do with the grey cup, but the roughriders are winning. thank god.